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Algebra is one of the core subjects of mathematics. Algebra consists of the study of variables within number systems, along with operations that act on numbers and symbols. Wolfram|Alpha is a tremendous resource for solving equations; exploring polynomials; and studying fields, groups, vectors and matrices.

Equation Solving

Solve equations in one or more variables both symbolically and numerically.

Solve a polynomial equation:

Solve a system of linear equations:

Solve an equation with parameters:

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Rational Functions

Compute discontinuities and other properties of rational functions.

Compute properties of a rational function:

Compute a partial fraction decomposition:

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Perform computations with the quaternion number system.

Get information about a quaternion:

Do calculations with quaternions:

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Domain & Range

Find the domain and range of mathematical functions.

Compute the domain of a function:

Compute the range of a function:

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Solve, plot and find alternate forms of polynomial expressions in one or more variables.

Compute properties of a polynomial in several variables:

Factor a polynomial:

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Simplify algebraic functions and expressions.

Simplify an expression:

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Finite Groups

Discover properties of groups containing a finite number of elements.

Get information about a finite group:

Ask about a property of a group:

Do algebra with permutations:

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  • Arithmetic
  • Calculus & Analysis
  • Geometry
  • Linear Algebra

  • Wolfram Calculus & Algebra
  • Matrices

    Find properties and perform computations on matrices.

    Do basic arithmetic on matrices:

    Compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix:

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    Finite Fields

    Discover properties of fields containing a finite number of elements.

    Compute properties of a finite field:

    Compute a specific property:

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