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Statistics is the branch of mathematics involved in the collection, analysis and exposition of data. Given a set of data, Wolfram|Alpha is instantaneously able to compute all manner of descriptive and inferential statistical properties and to produce regression analyses and equation fitting. Wolfram|Alpha's broad computational knowledge of statistical methods allows you to analyze, interpret and visualize your data quickly and accurately.

Descriptive Statistics

Compute statistical measures that summarize the properties of a dataset.

Calculate basic descriptive statistics for a dataset:

Compute a statistical quantity:

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Regression Analysis

Fit different parameterized models to data.

Fit a line to two-dimensional data:

Fit a polynomial to given data:

Fit an exponential model to given data:

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Statistical Inference

Use statistics and hypothesis tests to infer information from a dataset.

Find the sample size needed to estimate a binomial parameter:

Compute a confidence interval for a population mean:

Apply a test for a population mean:

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Random Variables

Compute the probability of a random variable returning a specified value or falling within a range of values or determine the expected value of a random variable.

Compute the expected value of a random variable:

Compute the probability of an event:

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