New to WolframAlpha

Stephen Wolfram's intro video

A few things to try

enter any date (e.g. a birth date)
june 23, 1988
enter any city (e.g. a home town)
new york
enter any two stocks
IBM Apple
enter any calculation
$250 + 15%
enter any math formula
x^2 sin(x)

Important things to know about WolframAlpha

Wolfram|Alpha answers specific questions rather than explaining general topics
Enter "2 cups of sugar", not "nutrition information"
You can only get answers about objective facts
Try "highest mountain", not "most beautiful painting"
Only what is known is known to Wolfram|Alpha
Ask "how many men in Mauritania", not "how many monsters in Loch Ness"
Only public information is available
Request "GDP of France", not "home phone of Michael Jordan"

Additional tips

Don't use long complete sentences; just enter the minimum number of words needed to communicate
Try different words or notations
Use whole words instead of abbreviations
Check your spelling