Input interpretation:

residential opaque surface cooling load

Input values:

net opaque surface area | 195.3 m^2  (square meters)\nconstruction U factor | 0.18 W\/(m^2 K)  (watts per square meter kelvin difference)\nopaque surface cooling factor OFt | 0.62\nopaque surface cooling factor OFb | 7.685\nopaque surface cooling factor OFr | -0.23\ncooling daily range | 9.7 K  (kelvins difference)\ncooling design temperature difference | 9.1 K  (kelvins difference)


opaque surface cooling load | 390.1 W  (watts)\nsurface cooling factor | 1.997 W\/m^2  (watts per square meter)\n(cooling load associated with opaque surfaces like walls,floors,ceilings and doors)

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