Input interpretation:

electric charge measurement devices

Measurement devices:

cloud chamber  |  nanocoulombmeter  |  Coulombmeter  |  ballistic galvanometer  |  drift chamber  |  electroscope  |  electrostatic fieldmeter  |  search coil  |  wire chamber  |  bubble chamber  |  electrometer  |  Kelvin\'s quadrant electrometer  |  particle detector   (total:  13)


cloud chamber | A particle detector used for detecting ionizing radiation.\nnanocoulombmeter | A Coulombmeter that is capable of measuring electrostatic charge down to the accuracy of a fraction of a nanocoulomb.\nCoulombmeter (generic) | A tool used for measuring the electrostatic charge of a material.\nballistic galvanometer | A type of galvanometer that measures the quantity of charge discharged through it.\ndrift chamber | A wire chamber where the distance at which particles pass the wire is inferred via the timing of the current pulses of the wires.\nelectroscope | An early scientific instrument used to detect the presence and magnitude of electric charge on a body.\nelectrostatic fieldmeter | A device that measures the electrostatic field of an object in volts, measuring both the initial peak voltage and the rate at which it falls away. It is used for non-contact measurement of electric charge on an object.\nsearch coil | A sensor which measures the variation of the magnetic flux.\nwire chamber | A type of proportional counter that detects charged particles and photons, by means of gaseous ionization detection of particles of ionizing radiation.\nbubble chamber | A vessel filled with a superheated transparent liquid (most often liquid hydrogen) used to detect electrically charged particles moving through it.\nelectrometer (generic) | An electrical instrument used for measuring electric charge or electrical potential difference.\nKelvin\'s quadrant electrometer | The most sensitive and accurate of all the mechanical electrometers. The original design uses a light aluminum sector suspended inside a drum cut into four segments.\nparticle detector | A device used to detect, track, and identify high-energy particles, such as those produced by nuclear decay, cosmic radiation, or reactions in a particle accelerator.

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