Input interpretation:

Bicycle  (Pilates exercise)

Starting position:

lie down onto back, legs straight with feet together and arms by sides with palms down


1 | bend knees and lift feet; roll up spine lifting pelvis away from floor; hold pelvis in hands with elbows on floor shoulder width apart  (inhale)\n2 | allow weight of pelvis to rest into hands, supporting body weight on shoulders and elbows; straighten legs reaching feet towards ceiling  (exhale)\n3 | extend right leg forward and left leg backward simultaneously; bend left knee and keep it bent and legs pass through center  (inhale)\n4 | repeat step 3 reversing right and left sides  (exhale)\n5 | repeat steps 3-4 five more times\n6 | return legs to center and take hands back to floor  (inhale)\n7 | roll spine down to floor and bring legs down to floor  (exhale)

Basic properties:

experience level | intermediate\nasymmetrical | yes

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