Input interpretation:

Harriet Tubman  (activist)

Basic information:

full name | Araminta Harriet Greene\ndate of birth | March 1822 (196 years ago)\nplace of birth | Dorchester County, Maryland\ndate of death | Monday, March 10, 1913 (age: 91 years) \n (105 years ago)\nplace of death | Auburn, New York

Notable facts:

African-American abolitionist who led dozens of slaves to safety via the Underground Railroad after making her own escape from slavery in 1849\nRescued more than 70 slaves group by group over 13 missions\nFirst led slaves out of Maryland to Philadelphia, then all the way to Canada after the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act\nWorked for the Union Army during the American Civil War, becoming an armed scout and spy\nParticipated in the women\'s suffrage movement in New York state after the American Civil War\n...

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