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get information about a type of wood
white pine wood elm wood diamond leaf oak
compare multiple types of wood
sugar maple, American white oak wood American longleaf pine wood, lodgepole pine wood

Properties of Woods

request a property of a type of wood
tensile strength of spruce Young’s modulus of post oak
Compare wood types on a particular property
density of mahogany, walnut wood tensile strength of fir and spruce wood indentation hardness hemlock, red oak, fir
do computations with wood properties
shear strength loblolly pine / spruce
a strength computation for a piece of lumber
tensile strength of fir * 1.5 in * 3.5 in

Dimensional Lumber ››

specify a basic softwood lumber size
2x4 lumber
determine the volume of lumber from a log of known size
lumber volume Doyle rule