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Web & Internet

Website Data

get information about a URL
google.com www.unl.edu.ar
compare domains
daily visits of www.osu.edu vs www.asu.edu site rank of cheezburger.com vs www.break.com
get the size of the wikipedia site for a particular language
Spanish wikipedia size
calculate online advertising revenue
cpm calculator cpm 50 imp/s 12000 dollars per day cpm 198000 hits per day $600 per day

IP Lookup

get information about an IP address
calculate subnet masks
CIDR calculator

Top-level Internet Domains

get information about a top-level internet domain
.com .se
get a list of the top-level internet domains
find information about a property of a top-level internet domain
how old is .AERO What is the purpose of the .MIL internet domain? .gov sponsoring organization

Port Numbering

find a port assignment
port 80
find a port assignment for a specific protocol
UDP port 10000


look up your IP address and estimate your location
Where am I?