Web & Computer Systems

Web & Internet ››

get information about an IP address
get information about a URL
find a port assignment
port 80

Notable Computers ››

get information about a notable computer
Apple II
ask about a characteristic of a computer
How fast was the processor on the Atari 400?

Data Transfer ››

get information about a data transfer device
802.11n wireless network
compute a data transfer time
data transfer time 10GB, 6Mb/s


compute RAID capacities
RAID calculator RAID5 4 drives 1TB

File Formats ››

get information about a file format
.pdf file format
find programs that support a specified format
applications that support .gif

Software Products ››

get information about a software product
Skype software
compare software products
git vs mercurial

Character Encodings ››

look up a Unicode character
specify a range of Unicode characters
unicode 8900 to 8915
specify a character by name
em dash

Computer Keyboards ››

look at computer keyboard displays
english keyboard layout
compare computer keyboards
french keyboard, arabic keyboard
find information about keyboard use
keys used typing "valley forge" US dvorak for left hand keyboard, us English keyboard "Danger, Will Robinson!"

String Processing ››

find <i>n</i>-grams in a string
n-grams "it was the best of times it was the worst of times"
encode a string with the ROT13 substitution cipher
ROT13 "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

Hashing ››

compute a hash code for a string
Adler 32 "inverse cosine" MD5 "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

Display Formats ››

get data on a computer display format
VGA display
compare formats
compute display characteristics from pixel count
2.5 megapixel 300dpi display


generate a password
generate a 12 character password
generate a set of passwords
generate 5 alphanumeric passwords of length 10
analyze a password
analyze password SMtt76! password strength for qwerty2345# password strength for bobJoeBill


generate a CAPTCHA for specified text
CAPTCHA Wolfram Alpha
generate a CAPTCHA using random text

Base Conversion ››

convert between hex, decimal, octal, and binary
987 in hex 354 hex to decimal 101110000110111011 binary to octal


calculate IP parameters using CIDR notation
CIDR calculator


find information about an emoticon
:-) smiley singing national anthem