Weather & Meteorology

Current Weather

get a current local weather report
get current weather for a specified location
weather in Tokyo
get specific weather data
high temperature for today What is the temperature in Boston? rainfall in Silt, CO wind direction in Wichita
compare weather in several locations
weather Vancouver, San Diego, Buenos Aires

Weather History

get local weather history
weather December 2005
get historical weather information for a specified location
weather Boston 1998 weather London June 29, 1977 temperature in Emmet, WI last 5 years
compare weather histories
weather Chicago vs Sydney 1990 to 1994

Weather Forecasts

get a local weather forecast
weather forecast
get an extended forecast
7 day weather forecast
get a weather forecast for a specified location
weather forecast for Paris

Sunburn & UV Index

get the local UV forecast
UV forecast
compute how long it’s safe to be in the sun
3 hours in the sun with SPF 15 in Kabul

Atmospheric Thermodynamics ››

calculate wind chill
wind chill calculator, 25 degrees F, 30mph
create a heat index chart
heat index chart, 33 degrees C, 70% humidity
calculate degree days in a given location
heating degree days in Buffalo


compute exposure time for frostbite
frostbite, -10 degrees F, 25 mph

Tropical Storms ››

get information about a tropical storm
Typhoon Songda
specify the year of a tropical storm
Cyclone Wanda 1974
compare tropical storms
Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita

US Tornadoes ››

get information about US tornadoes in a specified location
tornadoes near me F4 tornadoes in Indiana
get information about US tornadoes meeting specified criteria
F5 tornadoes after 1950 in Alabama

Clouds ››

get information about a type of cloud
compute cloud base height
cloud base height

Climate ››

analyze global climate data
global climate studies
analyze the climate for a specific location
climate Hannover
analyze a specified climate index
Southern Oscillation Index