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get information and conversions for a unit
foot pound coulombs ft^3 kg m^2/s^2


get unit conversions for a quantity
120 meters 50 gallons 12 stone 35 megacuries 3 Danish pots 450 MeV 10 megabytes
convert to a specified unit
20mL in drams 5 furlongs in miles 30mpg in km/liter convert 10 megabytes to mebibytes 100°C to Fahrenheit


do a calculation with units
10 miles + 14 kilometers
specify a unit for the result of a calculation
(20 feet)(1 mile) in acres


compare two quantities
175lb vs 100kg
get comparisons for a given quantity
1 million miles 50mg

Dimensional Analysis ››

get information about a physical quantity
mass density
compute dimensionless combinations
energy, momentum
compute a dimensionless quantity
Reynolds number


get information about prefixes
binary prefixes SI prefixes