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Turing Machines

Turing Machines

specify a Turing machine by number or rule
Turing machine rule 2506 Turing machine rule {{1,0} -> {2,1,R}, {2,_} -> {1,0,L}, {1,1} -> {1,0,L}}
include the number of colors and states in a query
3-state, 4-color Turing machine rule 8460623198949736 3,2 TM rule 2139050
choose a Turing machine at random
random Turing machine random 2-state 5-color Turing machine
specify a famous Turing machine
Wolfram 2,3 machine Busy Beaver 4-state 2-color

Initial Conditions

specify randomly generated tape
TM 3434 on random tape
specify tape of finite width
TM 1634204 on width 4 tape
specify constant tape
TM 2093445622 on tape = all 2s
specify an initial tape containing a repeating pattern
TM 2506 on tape consisting of central 11111, repeating 010
specify an initial head state
TM 1270904 on tape = single 2, head position = 6, head state = 2


specify a number of steps
evolve Wolfram 2,3 for 100 steps
specify a range of steps
Wolfram 2,3, steps 500 thru 600 Wolfram 2,3, last 50 of 1000 steps
uniformly compress time
evolution of Wolfram 2,3 every 10th step
retain only 'interesting' steps
TM 2506 with left-right compression left-compressed evolution of Wolfram 2,3 TM 120597441632 center-compressed