Road Transport ››

get information about an automobile model
Mini Cooper Roadster
get data on road lengths for a given country
total length of all roads in Spain
get data on vehicles in use
autos in use per road length in the UK
get traffic data for a specified country
motorcycle traffic in Germany
get data on road accidents
annual deaths from auto accidents in the Czech Republic
get gasoline price data
price of gasoline in Dallas

Air Transport ››

locate an airport and get information about it
Midway Airport
do computations on airline data
average daily passengers United / Delta
compare several aircraft
Boeing 747, Boeing 767
get data for a specified flight
Southwest flight 276

Rail Transport ››

get data on rail transport by country
United Kingdom rail transport United States railway length
get information about a railroad station
Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Water Transport ››

get information about a cruise ship
RMS Queen Elizabeth II
get information about a property of an aircraft carrier
length of USS Ronald Reagan
compare shipwrecks
Two Brothers, HMS Derwent

Space Transport ››

get information about a manned space mission
Apollo 11
get information about a space shuttle
Columbia space shuttle
compare space probes
Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11
find rockets with specified properties
biggest rocket by diameter
compute the orbital period of a massive body orbiting another
Kepler's third law, 4 solar masses, 5 Earth masses, 2.5 AU
compare warp factors to the speed of light
warp factor 6

Tides ››

get current tide information
tides Seattle
get a tide forecast
tides Oahu tomorrow