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Gas Laws ››

do an ideal gas law computation
ideal gas law 2.2mol, 2.0atm, 500K
determine characteristics of an ideal gas
isobaric heat capacity of an ideal gas
find characteristics of a van der Waals gas
van der Waals gas

Thermodynamic Processes ››

analyze an adiabatic process
adiabatic process Vi=10L, Vf=2L, pi=1atm
analyze an isobaric process
isobaric process
analyze an isothermal process
Vi=1L, pi=1bar, Vf=0.5L, isothermal

Thermodynamic Cycles ››

analyze an Atkinson cycle
Atkinson cycle Tc=150C, Th=900C, compression ratio=3
analyze a Diesel cycle
Diesel engine
analyze a Rankine cycle
Rankine cycle, gamma=1.67

Chemical Thermodynamics ››

find properties of a substance in a given phase
trimethylamine gas
compute properties at a specified temperature
vapor pressure of ethanol at 300K

Atmospheric Thermodynamics ››

compute properties of moist air
moist air drybulb 72F, wetbulb 66F, pressure 29inHg
compute saturation vapor pressure
saturation vapor pressure 30C