Technological World

Communications ››

get data about a broadcast station
find allocations for a given frequency
frequency allocations 900MHz
translate a string into Morse code
Morse code "Wolfram Alpha"

Satellites ››

get information about a satellite
International Space Station
compare satellites
Echostar 1, Echostar 2

Space Probes ››

get information about a space probe
Voyager 1
compare space probes
Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11

Photography ››

compute subject magnification
subject magnification 10m
compute hyperfocal distance
hyperfocal distance, f-stop 8

Barcodes ››

encode text as a barcode
barcode WolframAlpha
generate a barcode corresponding to an ISBN-10
ISBN 1-5795-5008-8

Structures ››

get information about a structure
Golden Gate Bridge
do computations with properties of structures
height CN Tower / Merchandise Mart

Nuclear Power ››

get data on a nuclear power station
Three Mile Island
get information about multiple nuclear reactors
Angra-1 reactor, Lacrosse reactor

Nuclear Explosions ››

rank nuclear explosions by specified criteria
nuclear explosions in China largest nuclear test in the US last nuclear test by North Korea
get information about a property of a nuclear explosion
yield of the trinity nuke test

Carbon Footprints ››

determine the amount of carbon released by a given fuel
carbon footprint coal
calculate the carbon emissions from a road trip
carbon footprint driving 536 miles at 32mpg