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Hello Do you like me? Who let the cat out? Where did I park my car? How many fingers am I holding up? Can you fail the Turing test?

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tell me a physics joke do you know a dirty joke?
get the punchline to a joke
why did the chicken cross the mobius strip

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learn about the math behind drawing a popular curve
Einstein curve Doctor John Zoidberg-like curve Warrior III pose yoga curve downward-facing dog yoga pose curve
randomly select a popular curve from a class of curves
random DC comic curve

Handwritten Style

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graph sin t + cos (sqrt(3)t) handwritten style handwritten Psalms 103 handwritten continued fraction arithmetic

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determine the warp factor for superluminal velocities
18c in warp factor tng
investigate differences in warp factor in different series
warp speed 6 in deep space 9

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find information about food
calories in a cubic lightyear of ice cream vitamin E in a trillion croissants

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discover the frequency at which animals shake to shed water
50 lb wet dog shaking frequency
simulate how a dog sees an image
how a dog sees a cat image

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apply various effects to an image
oil painting effect image Lady Gaga colorize components Barack Obama curve image charcoal effect for image of SKU2921196


complete an aphorism
a penny saved two things are infinite

Famous Lines

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possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about?

Tongue Twisters

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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? she sells seashells flute tooting tutor

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Little Jack Horner