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Buildings ››

get information about a building
Eiffel Tower
compare several buildings
Empire State Building, Chrysler Building
do computations with building properties
height CN Tower / Merchandise Mart

Castles ››

get information about a castle
Krak des Chevaliers
compare several castles
Blarney Castle, Castillo de Cox, Egeskov
find castles with specified characteristics
castles in the UK


get information about a theater
Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater SolĂ­s Theatre
compare properties of theaters
Barbican Centre, Boston Opera House opened seating capacity Muny Theater vs Broadway Theater

Bridges ››

get information about a bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
compare several bridges
Bosphorus Bridge, Forth Road Bridge
do computations with bridge properties
length George Washington Bridge / Brooklyn Bridge

Tunnels ››

get information about a tunnel
Laerdal tunnel
compare several tunnels
Moffat tunnel, Riola tunnel, Otai tunnel
do computations with tunnel properties
length Seikan tunnel / Aki tunnel

Dams ››

get information about a dam
La Esmeralda Dam
compare several dams
Grand Coulee Dam, Glen Canyon Dam, Mica Dam
do computations with dam properties
length Three Gorges Dam / Hoover Dam


get information about a canal
Oxford Canal Winschoterdiep canal
compare properties of canals
elevation of Agra Canal, Coachella canal

Oil Rigs ››

get information about an oil rig
deepwater horizon
find oil rigs in an area
Oil Rigs in the Gulf of Mexico
do calculations with oil rig data
rated water depth of deepwater horizon / depth of the gulf of mexico

US Mines ››

get information about a US mine
alton pit
find US mines with specified properties
mines over 5000 feet

Amusement Parks & Rides ››

compare properties of amusement parks
area of Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland
compare properties of amusement park rides
physical properties of Kingda Ka, Goliath, Furius Baco