Statistics & Data Analysis

Descriptive Statistics ››

calculate basic descriptive statistics for a data set
{25, 35, 10, 17, 29, 14, 21, 31}
compute a statistical quantity
mean {21.3, 38.4, 12.7, 41.6} kurtosis {21.3, 38.4, 12.7, 41.6}

Statistical Inference ››

find sample size needed to estimate a binomial parameter
sample size for binomial parameter
compute a confidence interval for a population mean
t-interval xbar=4.15, s=0.32, n=100
apply a test for a population mean
z-test for population mean

Regression Analysis ››

fit a line to two-dimensional data
linear fit {1.3, 2.2},{2.1, 5.8},{3.7, 10.2},{4.2, 11.8}
fit a polynomial to given data
cubic fit 20.9,23.2,26.2,26.4,16.3,-12.2,-60.6,-128.9
fit an exponential model to given data
exponential fit 0.783,0.552,0.383,0.245,0.165,0.097

Statistical Distributions ››

compute properties of a probability distribution
Poisson distribution
specify parameters for a distribution
normal distribution, mean=0, sd=2
compute a particular property
standard deviation of Student t, 17 degrees of freedom

Random Variables ››

compute the expected value of a random variable
X~Poisson(7.3), EV[3X^4-7]
compute the probability of an event
P[-1.2<X<2.3] for X~student t with 12 dof

Probability ››

compute the probability of a union of events
probability of the union of three events
compute coin toss probabilities
32 coin tosses
compute odds for a poker hand
poker full house
analyze a wager
8:5 odds, bet 97 euros
compute the probabilities of shared birthdays for a group of people
birthday paradox 50 people