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compute location and get properties of a star
specify a star using a Bayer name
eta Draconis
specify a star using a catalogue number
HIP 78265
compare several stars
alpha Centauri A, beta Centauri, gamma Centauri

Properties of Stars

request a property of a star
spectral class of Barnard's star Sirius mass distance to Procyon
compute the color of a star
color Aldebaran
compare properties of multiple stars
surface temperature Arcturus, Rigel
do computations with star properties
mass Proxima Centauri / Sun
generate a list of nearby stars
10 nearest stars

Stellar Classification

get information about a spectral class of stars
spectral class G2V spectral class A2Ia
find the spectral class of a given star
spectral class Pollux
generate a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
HR diagram Deneb, Pollux, Sirius
determine the end state of a star
What will a class B9V star turn into when it dies?
get information about a star with a given property
9800K star star 0.65 solar luminosities
specify a property and luminosity class
10 solar mass supergiant star

Variable Stars ››

get information about a variable star
get a specified property of a variable star
variability period of Mira

Pulsars ››

get information about a pulsar
PSR J0437-4715
compare pulsars
Crab pulsar, Vela pulsar

Supernovae ››

get information about a supernova
supernova 1987A
look up a property of a supernova
apparent magnitude supernova 1961A


generate a star chart for a constellation
Orion Cassiopeia current location of Ursa Minor