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New England Patriots
get historical player statistics
Ben Roethlisberger pass completion % in 2004
find NFL games meeting specified criteria
Dolphins wins at away games versus the Steelers

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San Francisco Giants
compare player statistics
Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols
find MLB games meeting specified criteria
last pro baseball game with more than 9 stolen bases

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Los Angeles Clippers
get historical NBA player statistics
Michael Jordan points per game in 1996 postseason

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Olympic gold medals
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How many medals has Michael Phelps won?
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Olympics medalists from Norway in alpine skiing

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Three Rivers Stadium
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how much did it cost to build Cinergy Field?
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construction cost of Lambeau Field/population of Green Bay

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badminton birdie
compare sport location characteristics
football field, soccer field, gaelic football field
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head width of tennis racket
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mass of a bowling ball vs. cricket ball