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Social Statistics

Crime ››

get crime data for a US state
crime Texas
get statistics on a specified type of crime
homicide Phoenix, Austin, NYC

Military Data ››

determine facts about military forces
Japan military strength
get information about armaments
Canada armaments

Religion ››

get information about a religion
do computations with religion statistics
Catholics / Christian population Germany

Health Indicators ››

compare health indicators of countries
USA vs Cuba medical personnel
look up a particular statistic for a country
Nigeria MCV immunization 2000

International Education ››

get educational statistics for a country
how many kids are repeating primary school in Mexico
compare education statistics between countries
Norway vs USA education expenditures per high school student

Gender Equality

get CPIA gender equality ratings
gender equality in Angola

Human Development Index

see the world Human Development Index
Human Development Index
specify a country
Human Development Index of Ethiopia
compare countries
HDI of Cameroon vs Egypt
specify a component index
Laos HDI for education

US District Courts ››

find information about a US District Court
Alabama Northern District Court
get information about a group of US District Courts
third circuit courts
specify types of cases in district courts
torts in Wyoming District Court marijuana cases in NY courts
find facts about district courts
how many judges are there in Illinois Northern District Court