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Road Transport

Automobiles ››

get information about an automobile model
Mini Cooper Roadster
compare automobile models
Honda Accord and Toyota Camry
compare automobile trims
Aston Martin DB9 Base vs Jaguar XKR

Vehicles in Use

get data on vehicles in use
vehicles in use in France autos in use per road length in the UK
specify a vehicle type
motorcycles on the road in Illinois trucks in US midwestern states
compare different vehicle types
trucks and vans vs passenger cars in the US
compare vehicle and road data
vehicles in use in China vs total length of highways in China
compare vehicle use in different areas
vehicles in use in New England cars in use Illinois vs New York trucks in use in the South vs the Midwest

Vehicle Production

get data on vehicle production
Japan passenger vehicle production
compare vehicle production statistics
automobile production Germany, Italy

Gasoline Prices ››

get gasoline price data
price of gasoline in Dallas
compute cost for a specified quantity of gas
16 gallons of gas in NYC
compute fuel cost
fuel cost 50 miles, 20 mpg, $2.09/gal

Tire Sizes ››

get information about a car or light truck tire size
tire size 195/55R16
get information about a bicycle tire size
tire size 700x35C
compare motorcycle tire sizes
MN90SR16 tire, MT95SR17 tire

Stopping Distance

compute stopping distance for a car
stopping distance 70mph


get data on road lengths for a given country
total length of all roads in Spain
specify a road type
total length of highways in the US
compare road data between countries
How many highways are there in the US compared to China?

Road Transport Statistics

get data on road transport per country
Mexico road transport US road sector energy consumption

US Highways ››

get information about a highway
Interstate 64
get specific data about a highway
length of US1
get traffic information
traffic information for I-55

Notable Streets ››

get information about a notable street
Broadway 8th Avenue Rue de Rivoli


get traffic data for a specified country
total traffic in the US
specify a type of traffic
motorcycle traffic in Germany
get traffic congestion data for a major US city
traffic Chicago Baltimore rush hour Atlanta rush hour vehicles commuting time in Boston
compare traffic for major US cities
traffic Los Angeles, Phoenix

Road Accidents

get data on road accidents
annual deaths from auto accidents in the Czech Republic
find road accident statistics for a specific year
people killed in car crashes in the UK in 2003
compare road accident statistics between countries
rate of injury from auto accidents in the US vs Europe

Bridges ››

get information about a bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
do computations with bridge properties
length George Washington Bridge / Brooklyn Bridge

Tunnels ››

get information about a tunnel
Laerdal tunnel
compare several tunnels
Moffat tunnel, Riola tunnel, Otai tunnel