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Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

compute exponential decay
decay lifetime=6.7s, 3days
compute energy of a photon given its wavelength
photon energy 435nm
compute a thermal de Broglie wavelength
thermal wavelength of helium at 400K
compute a Compton wavelength
Compton wavelength proton
determine the wavelength shift for Compton scattering
Compton scattering at 30 degrees
use the Rydberg formula to compute spectral lines
Rydberg formula ni=2, nf=5
look up atomic spectra
atomic spectrum of nitrogen Balmer series spectrum
look up work functions
work function Nb work function Be

Quantum Systems

list quantum physical systems
quantum physical systems
find equations associated with a quantum system
quantum harmonic oscillator Poeschl-Teller potential quantum particle in a time‐independent 1d potential quantum particle in an external electromagnetic field
find the propagator for a system
propagator of a driven harmonic oscillator
get information about quantum phenomena
Heisenberg uncertainty principle Δx=1nm Schroedinger's cat
learn about a paradox in quantum mechanics
EPR paradox

Many-Body Theory

find fermion and boson distributions
Fermi-Dirac distribution Bose-Einstein distribution Bose-Einstein condensation temperature Rb