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Moist Air

compute properties of moist air
moist air drybulb 72F, wetbulb 66F, pressure 29inHg What is the dew point at drybulb 30C and 50% at 6000ft?
calculate a humidity ratio
humidity ratio at 28C, 45%, 2atm humidity ratio of moist air at 86F, 60%, 37inHg
calculate absolute humidity
what is the absolute humidity of moist air at 0.87 atm 32C?
calculate specific humidity
calculate specific humidity at 10C, 30%
determine moisture content of moist air
how much water is present in 100 gallons of 60% humid air? what is the mass of water in 30 cubic feet of moist air? 30% humidity, 50 cubic feet of air

Sound Attenuation

compute sound absorption coefficients for moist air
absorption coefficient of sound moist air at 30C and 20% absorption coefficient of sound moist air at 30C and 20% and 6000ft

Heating & Cooling

analyze heating or cooling of moist air
adiabatically cool moist air at Tdry=30C to Tdry2=22C


analyze humidification of moist air
humidify moist air at drybulb 15C and 20% to 30C and 55%

Mixing Air Streams

analyze mixing of moist air streams
adiabatically mix moist air at drybulb 20C wetbulb 10C with Tdry2=35C Twet2=30C