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Games of Chance ››

compute coin toss probabilities
32 coin tosses
compute dice probabilities
5 dice
compute odds for a poker hand
poker full house
analyze a bet in roulette
bet the corner at roulette
analyze a wager
8:5 odds, bet 97 euros
get lottery odds

Bernoulli Trials ››

compute probabilities for a sequence of trials
probability of 8 successes in 14 trials with p=.6
analyze waiting time probabilities
number of trials until 15th success
find the probability of a run
streak of 12 successes in 40 trials

Birthday Probabilities

compute the probabilities of shared birthdays for a group of people
birthday paradox 50 people
specify the number of possible birthdays
birthday paradox, 4 people, 100 possible birthdays
compute the probabilities of shared birthdays for a given interval
chance 3 people share a birthday probability 5 people were born on the same day of the week probability 2 people born in same month

Random Variables ››

compute the probability of an event
P[-1.2<X<2.3] for X~student t with 12 dof
compute a conditional probability
probability that x^2>2 given that x>1, x~standard normal

Probability Formulas

compute the probability of a union of events
probability of the union of three events
compute a conditional probability
conditional probability formula
compute the probability of a complement
probability of a complement