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Structures ››

get information about a structure
Golden Gate Bridge
compare several structures
Blarney Castle, Castillo de Cox, Egeskov
do computations with properties of structures
height CN Tower / Merchandise Mart
find structures with specified properties
mines over 5000 feet

Institutions ››

get information about a college or university
New York University
get information about a US library
Lee University Library
compare hospitals
Mayo Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center

Points of Interest ››

specify an airport by its FAA code
compare parks
Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park
get information about a US mine
alton pit
get information about US military facilities
NAS Jacksonville base
specify a particular nuclear reactor
Fukushima Daiichi reactor 4
find amusement park rides with specified characteristics
fastest amusement park rides with more than 3 inversions within 200 miles of NYC
compare historic sites
Kennedy Compound vs Mount Rushmore