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Physical Geography

Cartography ››

generate maps of a specified country
Argentina map
compute the great-circle distance between points on the globe
23.5S 46.4W to 56.8N 60.6E
find the elevation of a city
elevation Chicago
look up your IP address and estimate your location
Where am I?

Land Features ››

get information about a mountain
Mt Hood
compare volcanoes
Krakatau, Tambora
get information about a group of islands
Galapagos Islands
find glaciers meeting given criteria
glaciers elevation > 8000 meters
get information about a desert
Gobi Desert
get information about an impact crater on Earth
Beaverhead Crater

Water Features ››

get information about an ocean
Atlantic Ocean
get information about an undersea feature
Maro Reef
get information about a lake
Loch Ness
do computations with river properties
length Amazon / Nile
compare several waterfalls
Niagara Falls, Yosemite Falls, Colonial Creek Falls

Continents ››

get information about a continent
compare a property of continents
highest elevation of South America vs North America