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Physical Exercise


get data on a physical activity
compare activities
soccer vs water polo watching tv / sleeping
find out how wet you would get while in the rain
how wet would you get jogging in the rain

Exercise Computations

compute caloric expenditure
water jogging, 30min
specify a speed or pace
walking 45min, 4mph 30min swimming at 50m per min
specify bodyweight
playing broomball, 1hr, body weight 150lbs fat lost, skate boarding, body weight 180 pounds
specify other physical characteristics
running 30min, 6min/mi, 28yo female, 5'6", 135lb 95kg, 50yo male climbing 2500 steps at 40 steps/min
specify a grade
walking up a 10 degree incline for 30 minutes 25yo, 150lb, 5'5" male running on a 5% grade for 2 hours at 5 mph

Heart Rate

compute maximum and target heart rates
heart rate 50yo male, resting hr=60bpm target heart rate for a 19 year old woman

Diving ››

make recreational dive calculations interactively
PADI calculator
calculate pressure group after a dive
dive 40min at 60ft