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Harriet Tubman
compare several people
Albert Einstein, Paul Dirac, Richard Feynman

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analyze your Facebook data
facebook report
click on friends' names to analyze their shared Facebook data
facebook friends

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name Jones
compare given names
Elizabeth, Rebecca, Jennifer

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President of Argentina
get information about a past political leader
16th President of the United States

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compute a family relationship
father's mother's sister's son grandmother's aunt

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salary mathematician, physicist, chemist

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Battle of Hastings
construct a timeline of events
founding of Carthage, Trojan War

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Bronze age
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Elizabethan era, Jacobean era

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Holy Roman Empire
compare multiple historical countries
Bernicia, Northumbria

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convert Roman numerals to standard number notation
convert a decimal number to Mayan numerals
365 to Mayan

Historical US Money ››

compute the current value of a historical quantity of US money
US$2500 (1950 US dollars)
compute the historical equivalent value of today's US money
10,000 current US dollars in 1910

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magnetic tape, iPod
look up an invention property
when was the airbag invented?