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Particle Physics


get information about a particle
proton top antiquark
specify a particle by symbol
compare several particles
electron D*0 neutron

Particle Properties

request a property of a particle
tau mass spin K+
do a calculation with particle properties
mass proton / electron
compute the reduced mass of a system of two particles
reduced mass proton neutron

Classes of Particles

get information about a class of particles
compare the values of a property for a class of particles
mass boson charge quark

Particle Interactions

find out about interactions for a given particle
proton interactions interactions of a 4.5 GeV pion beam
specify incident particles and outgoing particles
pi- + p -> p + pi- K- + p -> anything at center-of-mass energy 3 GeV
find out the cross section of an interaction
proton proton cross section proton proton -> proton proton cross section cms energy 5 GeV

Particle Accelerators ››

get information about a particle accelerator
Stanford Linear Collider
compare multiple accelerators