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Reflection & Refraction

compute refractions using Snell's law
Snell's law
do a Fresnel's law computation
Fresnel's law
compute refraction of light in a prism
refraction in a prism
do computations using the thin lens equation
lens, f=20ft, o=400ft
explore image reflection in a convex mirror
convex mirror diverging mirror with a focal length of 2m and an object at 3m
explore image reflection in a concave mirror
converging mirror with a focal length of 50mm concave mirror with magnification of 2 and an object at 2m
calculate the height of a rainbow
altitude of a rainbow


compute a diffraction pattern for a single slit
single slit diffraction d=1/16 inch, lambda=200nm
compute a diffraction pattern for a circular aperture
circular aperture a=0.2mm, lambda=650nm
explore the diffraction pattern and maxima for multiple slit diffraction
4-slit diffraction with slit width 0.05 mm

Lasers ››

get information about a laser (or maser)
HeNe laser
compare multiple lasers
ArF laser, KrF laser

Refractive Indices

calculate the refractive index of humid air
refractive index of moist air
determine the refractive index of solid and liquid water
refractive index ice -20C refractive index of water, wavelength=400nm
look up the refractive index of a material
refractive index of natural diamond


find a UV cutoff wavelength for a chemical
benzene absorbs light up to what wavelength
compute with the Beer-Lambert law
Beer-Lambert formula

Photography ››

do f-stop arithmetic
f-stop arithmetic 5.6
compute subject magnification
subject magnification 10m