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Integers ››

compute properties of an integer
do exact arithmetic with integers
141(2^141) + 1
compute a prime factorization
factor 70560

Rational Numbers ››

compute properties of a rational number
compute the exact value of a repeating decimal

Irrational Numbers ››

compute properties of an irrational number
determine whether a number is irrational
Is cbrt(3) an irrational number?

Algebraic Numbers ››

determine whether a number is algebraic
Is sin(pi/17) an algebraic number?
identify algebraic integers and units
Is 1/(1+sqrt(5)) an algebraic integer?

Transcendental Numbers ››

determine whether a number is transcendental
Is sqrt(2)^sqrt(2) transcendental?
get information about a transcendental number
Champernowne constant

Complex Numbers ››

do basic arithmetic on complex numbers
find roots of complex numbers
apply functions to complex numbers

Arbitrary Precision ››

do exact arithmetic with large numbers
1927508279017230597 + 278789278723478925
find a decimal approximation
compute a decimal approximation to a specified number of digits
pi to 1000 digits

Mathematical Constants ››

compute the value of a mathematical constant
feigenbaum alpha
do computations involving constants
golden ratio - 1/(golden ratio)

Number Recognition ››

find possible closed forms for an approximate number
represent an approximate number in terms of specified constants
express 4.8675 through pi and e

Number Lines ››

visualize a set of real numbers on a number line
number line 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13
show multiple sets on a number line
number line x^2>5, 0<=x<3

Real Intervals ››

compute properties of an interval of real numbers
compare intervals
intervals [0,1), (1,oo)

Number Bases ››

convert a decimal number to another base
1275 to base 7
convert a number in a given base to decimal
100011010 base 2
do mixed-base computations
(28 base 16) + (30 base 5)

Historical Numerals ››

do computations with Roman numerals
convert a decimal number to Mayan numerals
365 to Mayan

Number Names ››

find the English name of a large number
specify a number by name
49 tredecillion