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Nuclear Physics

Ionizing Radiation ››

compute the stopping power of a material
stopping power of lead against 5 MeV alpha particles
compute properties of radiation absorption
what's the maximum energy of electrons that 10cm of plate glass can block?
compare radiation absorption of materials
lead iron 199 kev x-ray mass attenuation

Cerenkov Radiation

compute characteristics of Cerenkov radiation
Cerenkov radiation, 0.8MeV electron, n=1.4

Isotopes ››

get information about an isotope
iodine 131
compare several isotopes
U-235, U-238
do computations with isotope properties
half life potassium-40 / carbon-14

Radiometric Dating

do carbon-dating computations
carbon-14 dating, ratio=0.25

Nuclear Weapons

compute nuclear weapon effects
10 megaton nuclear explosion cloud height for a 1 megaton nuclear explosion

Nuclear Power ››

get data on a nuclear power station
Three Mile Island
get information about a property of a nuclear reactor
annual energy production of Diablo Canyon 2

Rutherford Scattering

determine the cross section for Rutherford scattering
Rutherford scattering at 30 degrees and 20 eV Coulomb scattering of a 6 MeV proton Rutherford scattering with gold