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get information about a notable text
US constitution bible
get information about a property of a text
On the Origin of Species most frequent capitalized words 1 Corinthians 13:11 Pentateuch longest words
do calculations with a text
number of words in the US constitution
find texts by a given author
books by Sinclair Lewis Lucy Maud Montgomery notable books notable books written by Confucius
compare texts
number of chapters in On the Origin of Species, Walden


get information about a notable play
Macbeth Anthony and Cleopatra
get information on characters in a play
characters in a Midsummer Night's Dream
do computations with plays
number of acts in Othello number of scenes in the Tempest act 3
compare plays
Hedda Gabler, Othello


get information about a collection of poems
Leaves of Grass
find the most frequent two-word phrases in a poem
most frequent two-word phrases in The Raven


get information about notable novels
Moby Dick The Grapes of Wrath
specify a part of a novel
frankenstein chapter 10
find the length of part of a novel
number of paragraphs in chapter 20 of The Picture Of Dorian Gray
identify words appearing frequently in a novel
most frequent capitalized words in Great Expectations
analyze the readability of a novel
readability of Huckleberry Finn
read the opening phrase of a novel
opening phrase of A Tale of Two Cities
request specific information about a novel
who wrote Of Mice and Men? When was Dune published?
compare novels
Naked Lunch, 1st to Die original language of War and Peace, Lolita