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Music Theory


compute the frequency and other properties of a musical note
specify the octave
note c5
calculate the note corresponding to a given frequency
640 Hz
analyze a sequence of notes
A A# B
specify notes using MIDI codes
MIDI notes 69 70 71 pitch set class midi 61 62 64 68 69 70
find the Parsons code of a note sequence
parsons code a a# b c c# d e


identify an interval
C, Eb major seventh 7 semitones
identify several intervals
intervals C3 Eb3 Bb3 D4 G4


get information about a chord
C major 7th chord E augmented
specify a chord using lead sheet notation
identify a chord from constituent notes
F# A C D

Key Signatures

get information about a key signature
key of D key of Aflat minor
compare key signatures
key of A major Bflat minor
get specific information about a key
How many sharps in the key of G major? flats in the key of Bflat circle of fifths A major relative minor to G major keys related to Csharp major


get information about a scale
A minor scale E blues phrygian raga gandharavam

Audio Waveforms ››

generate sound with a specified waveform
play 440Hz sine wave
superimpose multiple waveforms
play 440Hz tone + 444Hz tone

Musical Instruments ››

get information about an instrument
find properties of an instrument
What frequencies can a violin sound?