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get information about a movie
Goodfellas Monty Python's Life of Brian Gone With the Wind
request specific information about a movie
cast of The Lion King 2001: A Space Odyssey runtime director, writer of Schindler's List
get information about a franchise
James Bond movies Halloween franchise writer Star Wars franchise writer, director
compare movies
Rear Window vs Vertigo True Grit 1969, True Grit 2010
connect movies with people
movies starring Kevin Bacon and Tom Cruise top grossing movies by Wes Anderson recently released movies starring Brad Pitt
find movies meeting given criteria
movies released in June 2010 movies with the highest production budget

Movie Ratings

find a movie rating
Midnight Cowboy rating rating of Rebel Without a Cause
Compare ratings of multiple movies
MPAA rating How to Train Your Dragon, Scott Pilgrim

Box Office Performance

get box office performance data for a film
Avatar box office receipts Titanic box office with inflation
compare performance of films
Inception vs The Dark Knight average receipts per screen
compute with box office data
Cutthroat Island total box office / production budget

Academy Awards ››

get information about an Academy Award
Oscar for best actress 1982
find awards won by a given individual
Academy Awards won by Meryl Streep
find nominations for a given film
Academy Award nominations Million Dollar Baby