Money & Finance

Stock Data ››

find and analyze current data about a stock
General Electric
compare several stocks
do computations with stock data
market cap Toyota / Ford

Futures Contracts ››

get information about a futures contract
soybean futures
specify a commodity by ticker symbol

Mortgages & Loans

do a mortgage computation
mortgage $150,000, 6.5%, 30 years
use input fields to enter values for a mortgage calculation
compute an adjustable-rate mortgage
adjustable rate mortgage

Present Value

compute a future value
continuous interest PV=$3800, rate=6%, periods=5
compute a present value
daily interest, FV=$1200, i=4.5%, n=10
use input fields to specify data for an interest calculation
quarterly compound interest

Currency ››

get currency conversions
2500 euros
do a mixed currency computation
1300 Mexican pesos / 20,000 Russian rubles
look up physical properties of money
1 Pakistani rupee coin

Tips & Gratuities ››

compute a tip
18% tip on $43.50
split a bill among several people
$84.22, 15% tip, 3 people


use input fields to specify data for bond valuation
bond pricing formula
get data about US government bonds
United States 30 year treasury bond treasury yield curve

Derivatives Valuation

use input fields to specify data for option valuation
option pricing formula
analyze option strategies (butterfly, straddle, collar, etc.)
butterfly option strangle option

Salaries & Wages ››

compute salary equivalents
$38,000/yr $10.25/hr
get salary data for a given profession
intercity bus driver salary

Income Tax ››

get US income tax data for a specified AGI
adjusted gross income $47,500
get data on deductions
typical deductions on $2.5 million

Sales Tax ››

get local sales tax information
sales tax
compare sales tax rates
sales tax New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles

Advertising Revenue

calculate online advertising revenue
cpm calculator cpm 50 imp/s 12000 dollars per day cpm 198000 hits per day $600 per day

Historical US Money ››

compute the current value of a historical quantity of US money
US$2500 (1950 US dollars)
compute historical equivalent value of today's US money
10,000 current US dollars in 1910
convert one historical quantity of US money to another
US$250 1965 dollars in 1995