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Medical Computations


estimate conception and due dates
due date, last period=3/14/09
calculate fetal development
25 weeks pregnant

Blood Chemistry

compute mean plasma glucose from HbA1c level
HbA1c 8%
compute blood oxygen level
blood oxygen level
plot an oxygen saturation curve
oxyhemoglobin dissociation, ppO2=92 mmHg, ppCO2=42 mmHg, pH=7.4
look up the formula and compute with it interactively
serum osmolarity

General Clinical Medicine

compute catheter radius from flow rate and other data
catheter flow rate 1 mL/s
compute free water deficit
free water deficit


calculate peak urinary flow
peak urine flow, volume=640 ml
calculate creatinine clearance
creatinine clearance

Emergency Medicine

estimate the patient's blood alcohol content
blood alcohol content
estimate cold water survival time
time until death in cold water 34 F
estimate time to frostbite
frostbite calculator temperature -20 C wind speed 30 km/hr

Cardiopulmonary Medicine

estimate ventricular pumping rate
total cardiac output 70 bpm
interactively calculate oxygen delivery rate
O2 delivery
make expiratory calculations
peak expiratory flow 7.6 L/s 16yo male
compute a corrected QT interval
corrected QT interval
look up a formula and use it interactively
respiratory quotient
compute an oxygen index
oxygen index


compute free and bioavailable testosterone
bioavailable testosterone


estimate a patient's glaucoma risk
glaucoma risk, intraocular pressure=22 mmHg


use an interactive growth chart
NCHS growth chart
calculate projected growth
projected child growth 3yo 14kg
compute pediatric tracheal tube size
tracheal tube size for 5 year old, 42in tall, 45lb

Apgar Scores

compute an Apgar score from given characteristics
apgar score is my newborn baby healthy if she is pink and her pulse is 97 bpm