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Kinematics & Dynamics ››

compute momentum
momentum m=12kg, v=30m/s
compute the motion of a block on an inclined plane
a 2.1kg block slides down an inclined plane
analyze the motion of a double pendulum
double pendulum

Fluid Mechanics ››

visualize a vortex field
vortex potential
compute fluid flow around an object
flow around a cylinder


calculate engineering strain
cauchy strain with final length 2m nominal strain e with final length 2m and original length 1.99m
find the stress on a cylinder
diameter 5mm and force 2N, what is the mechanical stress
determine the poisson ratio value for a deformation
poisson effect with original length 2m and width 1m
do an Euler column buckling computation
column buckling
compute the deflection of a beam under load
beam deformation

Mechanical Systems

find equations associated with a mechanical system
free particle particle in a box in 3D spherically symmetric potential classical harmonic oscillator in 2D in polar coordinates classical inverse-distance potential in 3D in spherical coordinates isotropic harmonic oscillator in 4D in hyperspherical coordinates

Classical Mechanics

compute Euler–Lagrange equations
Lagrangian (q')^2 - q^2
compute equations of motion from a Hamiltonian
Hamiltonian p^2/2 - cos(q)

Quantum Physics ››

find equations associated with a quantum physical system
quantum harmonic oscillator
find the propagator for a system
propagator of a driven harmonic oscillator