CDF Interactivity

3D Graphics

rotate, scale, and zoom 3D graphics
icosahedron, truncated icosahedron Klein bottle image
visualize the structure of a molecule
space filling structure of ATP

Plots & Maps

hover over a plot to see data values
Chad population USA national debt per capita/USA GDP per capita
resize plots, maps, and other graphics
earthquakes near Tokyo

Physics Demonstrations

manipulate variables to change plots in real time
damped harmonic oscillator with forcing
view an animation of a computed trajectory
double pendulum spring pendulum elastic collision
view an animation of a thermodynamic cycle
Stirling cycle

Image Processing

adjust image processing parameters interactively
binarize grey wolf image with threshold x edge detect Abraham Lincoln image with radius x gaussian blur monkey image radius x sharpen map of London with radius r

Interactive Math Plots

interactively adjust plot ranges
plot x sin x
visualize solutions to an equation with a parameter
vary a in x^3+y^3=a^3
interactively trace a curve by varying the parameter
parametric plot (sin 10t, sin 7t), t=0..2pi polar plot sin(8t), t=0 to 2Pi

Differential Equations

interact with differential equation plots
w"(x)+w'(x)+w(x)=0 y"(z) + sin(y(z)) = 0

Differential Geometry

analyze a function with interactive visualizations
t cos(t)

Complex Analysis

interactively visualize a complex map


visualize the rotation associated with a quaternion
quaternion 1-12i-7j-k