Wolfram|Alpha Computational Sciences

Image Processing

Basic Image Processing

crop an image
crop image of Jupiter
binarize an image
binarize grey wolf image with threshold x

Image Filtering

apply a filter to an image
apply majority filter to Saturn image radius 3 apply bilateral filter to dog image smooth image of world
apply a filter with a variable parameter
gaussian blur monkey image radius x sharpen map of London with radius r

Image Effects

apply various effects to an image
apply embossing effect to an image of a European Shorthair cat how will dogs see the image of a lady bug turn into a comic an image of Harry Potter

Morphological Processing

apply a morphological operator to an image
apply bottom-hat transform to trumpet image apply image dilation to The Office image morphological erosion of plot sin x with radius 1

Feature Detection

detect features of an image
detect regions of Saturn image edge detect image of Einstein find features of shark image with radius 0.5 hough transform of t-rex image
specify a variable parameter
edge detect Abraham Lincoln image with radius x

Color Processing

perform color processing
convert tiger image to grayscale colorize image of Poe invert colors of Apatosaurus image posterize galena image using 4 levels color separate Camelotia borealis image add red-green color blindness filter to an image of a pumpkin