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Human Body Measurements

Body Measurements

compute various body statistics based on height and weight
human, 6ft 2in, 250lb
specify age and/or sex
male, 170cm, 70kg female, 33yr, 5'9'', 134lb 70in 170lb 25 years old
specify age category
senior citizen 150 pounds, 5'5"

Body Mass Index

compute a body mass index
BMI 5'10'', 165lb
compute a weight corresponding to a BMI
BMI=26, 5'4''

Body Surface Area

estimate body surface area
body surface area, 6'1'', 195lb

Growth Charts

compute growth charts for a given age
growth chart age 6
specify age and sex
growth chart 10 year old girl
specify height and/or weight
growth chart male, 7yr, 4'2'' growth chart female, 10yr, 4'11'', 65lb
specify a percentile
growth chart male, 12yr, 65th percentile

Metabolic Rate

compute metabolic rate and energy expenditure
metabolic rate, female, 25y, 5'7'', 130lb