Health & Medicine

Human Body Measurements ››

compute various body statistics based on height, weight, etc.
human, 6ft 2in, 250lb
compute body mass index
BMI 5'10'', 165lb
compute growth charts
growth chart female, 10yr, 4'11'', 65lb

Weight Loss

analyze a weight loss regimen
weight loss weight loss, current weight 90 kg, weight loss 17 kg, 1500 cal/day

Physical Exercise ››

compute calories burned in exercise
running 30min, 6min/mi, 28yo female, 5'6", 135lb
compute maximum and target heart rates
heart rate 50yo male, resting hr=60bpm

Pilates Exercises ››

find information about a Pilates exercise
double leg stretch bicycle pilates
get information about a class of Pilates exercises
advanced Pilates exercises
look up a property for a Pilates exercise
hundred pilates primary contracted muscles

Yoga Poses & Sequences ››

compare yoga poses
downward facing dog, upward facing dog pose
look up a yoga pose property
what muscles help support Duck Pose
get information about a yoga sequence
Sun Salutation A

Human Anatomy ››

get information about a human anatomical structure
find information about a property of a human anatomical structure
nerve supply of gallbladder
get data on groups or systems within human anatomy
sensory organs

Teeth ››

get information about a specified tooth
tooth #5
get information about a class of teeth

Blood Alcohol Content

compute blood alcohol content
Am I too drunk to drive? BAC 5 drinks, 2 hours, male, 180lb

Diseases ››

compute estimated risk of heart disease
heart disease risk 50yo male
get information about a specified disease
colon cancer

Mortality Data ››

compare life expectancies in several countries
life expectancy U.S., Sweden, Japan
compute life expectancy and survival probabilities
life expectancy U.S. female age 30
get data on deaths from a specific cause
colon cancer deaths

Medical Tests ››

get information about a medical test
C-reactive protein
get information about a test result
blood pressure 145/90
get gender- and age-specific information about a test result
creatinine=0.9mg/dL, adult male

Medical Computations ››

estimate conception and due dates
due date, last period=3/14/09
compute mean plasma glucose from HbA1c level
HbA1c 8%

Vision ››

get information about visual acuity
20/50 vision
get information about an eyeglass prescription
OD 1.5 cyl 0.5 x 49

Drugs & Prescriptions ››

specify a drug by brand name
specify a drug by generic name
get drug interaction information
ibuprofen drug interactions

Nuclear Medicine

compute biological properties of radionuclides
effective lifetime of iodine 131 iodine-123 biological half-life

Health Care Statistics ››

get an overview of health care costs in a country
Canada healthcare expenditures
get details of health care costs
prescription expenses in Sweden
compare health indicators of countries
USA vs Cuba medical personnel

Public Health

get HIV/AIDS statistics
United States AIDS fraction AIDS deaths Africa

Hospitals ››

get information about a hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital
compare hospitals
Mayo Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center