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Plane Geometry ››

compute properties of a plane figure
annulus, inner radius=2, outer radius=5
compute properties of a triangle with given side lengths
5, 12, 13 triangle

Solid Geometry ››

compute properties of a geometric solid
sphere, surface area=1
compute properties of a polyhedron

Coordinate Geometry ››

specify a line through two points
line through (1,2) and (2,1)
plot a conic section and identify its type
x^2 - 2 y^2 = 1

Geometric Transformations ››

visualize a rotation and compute its matrix
rotate 30 degrees
visualize a reflection in 3D
reflect across x+y+z=1

Trigonometry ››

compute values of trigonometric functions
solve a trigonometric equation
sin x + cos x = 1

Curves & Surfaces ››

compute properties of a named curve
compute properties of a named surface
Dini's surface

High-dimensional Geometry

compute properties of a high-dimensional geometric object
tesseract cross polytope
specify parameters for a high-dimensional object
glome of radius 2

Packing & Covering Problems ››

compute properties of a geometric packing
pack 24 circles in a circle
specify dimensions of the container
pack 9 squares in a triangle of side 10
estimate the number of objects required to fill a container
How many baseballs fit in a Boeing 747?

Tilings ››

get information about a periodic plane tiling
rhombille tiling
get information about a nonperiodic tiling
Ammann A4 tiling

MoirĂ© Patterns ››

explore moiré patterns
moire pattern
investigate interference patterns with offsets or angles
moire pattern at 30 degrees

Polyforms ››

get information about a class of polyforms
specify the order of the polyforms

Topology ››

compute properties of a knot
trefoil knot
compute homotopy groups of a sphere
homotopy 3-sphere

Fractals ››

draw a fractal set
Koch snowflake
plot a Julia set
Julia set -0.40+0.65i