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Latitude & Longitude

locate a point on Earth using latitude-longitude coordinates
55 deg 45' N, 37 deg 37' E
find the coordinates of a city
Algiers coordinates


compute the great-circle distance between points on the globe
23.5S 46.4W to 56.8N 60.6E
compute the distance between cities
San Francisco to Tokyo
compute distances between multiple cities
Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo to La Paz to Panama
compute the distance to the horizon
how far can I see at 30,000 ft calculate line of sight to the horizon from Mount Everest
compute horizon distance for radio waves
how far can radio waves propagate calculate radio horizon at 100 m altitude


get information about a compass heading
SSW 15 North

Geodetic Data

get information about a geodetic reference ellipsoid
compare multiple ellipsoids
Airy 1830, Modified Fischer 1960
get information about a geodetic datum
compare multiple geodetic data

Geogravity ››

compute current local gravitational field strength
compute gravitational field strength at specified coordinates
geogravity 21.28N 157.60W

Geomagnetism ››

compute current local geomagnetic field strength
compute geomagnetic field strength for a given date and location
geomagnetism Oslo on 12 Feb 2007