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Games of Chance ››

compute coin toss probabilities
32 coin tosses
compute dice probabilities
5 dice
compute odds for a poker hand
poker full house
analyze a bet in roulette
bet the corner at roulette
analyze a wager
8:5 odds, bet 97 euros
get lottery odds

Video Games ››

get information about a video game
Mario Kart 64
ask about a property of a game
When was Tomb Raider II released?

Pokémon ››

get information on a Pokémon
compare Pokémon
Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle
find all Pokémon with a particular characteristic
steel-type pokemon

Digimon ››

get information on a Digimon
ask for a specific fact about a Digimon
what is Metal Greymon’s type?
find all Digimon with a particular characteristic
Amphibian type of Digimon

Board Games ››

get information about a board game
look up a board game property
how many players are needed for Risk?
find board games with specified properties
What are the longest board games? board games with minimum age >= 10

Word Puzzles ››

find anagrams of a word or phrase
anagrams pepsi cola
find letter bank words
letter bank tale
find words matching a pattern
calculate Scrabble<sup>®</sup> scores for a word and its subsets
Scrabble xylophone
find possible decodings of a cryptogram
cryptograms krkrpl
learn what an acronym stands for
acronym USSS