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Fluid Mechanics


do computations with Bernoulli's equation
Bernoulli's equation


do buoyancy computations
archimedes principle, 2.2 cubic feet oak wood in water

Fluid Flow

calculate flow through a pipe
water flow through a pipe 4" diameter
do a Venturi flowmeter computation
Venturi flowmeter
determine change in fluid speed from pressure change
velocity of water hammer with pressure difference of 20 atm
calculate pressure change due to fast or slow valve closure
hydraulic shock pressure in 5 s
compute fluid flow around an object
flow around a cylinder
compute boundary layer thickness for laminar flow
Blasius displacement thickness
do computations with the Rossiter formula
Rossiter formula for mach 2
visualize a vortex field
vortex potential

Barometric Pressure

calculate barometric pressure
p0=1 bar, height = 3km rho=1g/cm^3, h=3m, atmospheric pressure=1 bar, p=?

Aeronautics ››

compute airflow around a standard airfoil
NACA 0012 airfoil
compute indicated airspeed from true airspeed
true airspeed = 550 knots, altitude = 35000 ft

Dimensionless Quantities ››

compute a dimensionless quantity
Reynolds number Brinkman rheological number formula