Electrical Engineering ››

compute magnetic flux density for an object
1m 1A Helmholtz coil
examine op amp circuit configurations
op amp
compute characteristics of a motor
synchronous motor 6 poles
explore properties of ideal waveguides
circular waveguide

Control Systems ››

analyze a transfer function model
transfer function (s^2-3)/(-s^3-s+1)
analyze a state space model
state {{0,1,0},{0,0,1},{1/5,-1,0}}, input {{0},{0},{1}}, output {{-3,0,1}}

Mechanical Engineering ››

compute the maximum force of a spring
spring maximum force
do a cooling load computation
residential cooling load
find the stress on a cylinder
diameter 5mm and force 2N, what is the mechanical stress

Civil & Structural Engineering

compute mandated ventilation rate
indoor air quality, 3 bedrooms, 1600 sq ft
do an Euler column buckling computation
column buckling
compute the deflection of a beam under load
beam deformation UNSS21900 simple support beam deflection 150 lbf

Structures ››

get information about a structure
Golden Gate Bridge
compare several structures
Blarney Castle, Castillo de Cox, Egeskov
do computations with properties of structures
height CN Tower / Merchandise Mart
find structures with specified properties
mines over 5000 feet

Fluid Mechanics ››

visualize a vortex field
vortex potential
compute fluid flow around an object
flow around a cylinder

Aeronautics ››

compute airflow around a standard airfoil
NACA 0012 airfoil
compute indicated airspeed from true airspeed
true airspeed = 550 knots, altitude = 35000 ft
calculate straight-line distance to an airplane
slant range to aircraft 40deg, altitude=35000ft

Sound & Acoustics ››

compute a Doppler shift
Doppler shift 300Hz, 75mph
compute perceived loudness
perceived loudness 110 Hz, 60 dB
generate sound with a specified waveform
play 1.5kHz sawtooth

Steam Tables ››

compute properties of steam at a given temperature
steam 135C
specify a temperature and pressure
steam 400F 60psi
compute properties of saturated steam
saturated steam 20atm

Psychrometrics ››

analyze heating or cooling of moist air
adiabatically cool moist air at Tdry=30C to Tdry2=22C
analyze humidification of moist air
humidify moist air at drybulb 15C and 20% to 30C and 55%

Refrigeration ››

analyze a refrigeration cycle
refrigeration cycle turbine refrigeration cycle with R134a at 1.5MPa and -10C

Measurement Devices ››

discover how to measure different physical properties
acceleration measuring devices
get information about a measurement device
crankshaft position sensor