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Electricity & Magnetism


do a Coulomb's law computation
Coulomb's law 2.0mC, 5.0mC, 250cm
compute electric potential and field strength
charged sphere radius=12cm, charge=5.5mC
find equations associated with a charge distribution
charged disk charged cuboid electric field of a point charge electric potential of a charged square sheet electric charge density of a charged ellipsoid


compute magnetic flux density for an object
1m 1A Helmholtz coil magnetic flux density of a long wire, distance 5 m, I=3A
compute Lorentz force
Lorentz force on a current carrying wire
compute force on a pair of wires
force on two long current-carrying wires
find the magnetic field strength around a spherical coil
magnetic field of spherical coil magnetic induction of spherical solenoid
find equations associated with a magnetized object
magnetized ball magnetizable spherical shell in a magnetic field magnetic scalar potential of a rectangular bar magnet
find the axial field strength of an ideal solenoid
magnetic field of infinitely long solenoid axial field of an ideal solenoid with 2 amps of current


find information on a moving charge
Lienard-Wiechert potential
compute time-dependent electrical potential
time-dependent charge distribution: electric potential

Electric Circuits ››

use input fields to specify data for an Ohm's law computation
Ohm's law calculator
analyze an RLC circuit
RLC circuit 10ohm, 12H, 400uF
compute properties of a diode
diode 0.6 V
compute characteristics of a Butterworth filter
Butterworth filter
calculate the power used across an electrical component
electric power 1.5V, 3A

Electric Machines & Power Systems ››

compute characteristics of a motor
synchronous motor 6 poles
compute characteristics of a transformer
transformer 110V, 60Hz

Electromagnetic Radiation

compute Larmor power
Larmor power
compute Larmor frequency
Larmor frequency electron
compute a gyromagnetic ratio
gyromagnetic ratio proton
visualize the radiation pattern of an antenna
antenna 4cm, 10 turns
get information about EMR of specified frequency
500 MHz
compute the visible light color corresponding to a frequency
700 THz light
compute the attenuation coefficient for radio waves in air
absorption of em waves at 30 C and 20% humidity

Waveguides ››

explore properties of ideal waveguides
circular waveguide
examine properties of specific modes
transverse electrical waves in a circular wave guide for m=1, n=1
investigate attenuated waveguides
attenuated rectangular waveguide at 600 GHz

Rutherford Scattering

determine the cross section for Rutherford scattering
Rutherford scattering at 30 degrees and 20 eV Coulomb scattering of a 6 MeV proton Rutherford scattering with gold

Unit Conversions ››

convert obsolete units into current units
200 statV 16,000 gauss 2400 oersted 80 wheatstones

Physical Constants ››

get the value of a physical constant
eps_0 permeability of vacuum magnetic flux quantum Schwinger electric field strength

Material Properties

look up the value of a material property
conductivity of copper
apply Paschen's Law
breakdown voltage of air at 9mm gap distance

Energy Resources ››

get data on energy resources
France electricity generation
compare energy sources for a country
US hydroelectric vs wind electricity generation

Energy Prices ››

get energy price data
price of electricity in Illinois
compute cost for a specified quantity
cost of 300 kWh of electricity in Minnesota